Worldwork 2008 - Doorways to Diversity / Ausbildung mit Abschlussqualifikation

Worldwork 2008 - Doorways to Diversity

Welcome to Worldwork 2008 in London, UK

We are delighted to invite you to the Worldwork seminar in 2008. Worldwork is the global application of Process Work developed by Arnold Mindell and colleagues, of working with large groups and communities on social and political issues.
Many societies are concerned with:

  • What it means to live in culturally diverse ways?
  • Where and how can everyone find a home in today?s world?
  • How does being at home relate to our inner personal worlds and outer diversity?
  • How can core issues like migration, asylum, privilege, marginalisation and discrimination in multi-cultural societies be more clearly understood?
  • How is the planet earth to be cared for and to be a home for us all?

London is an ideal venue to explore these questions: it has the proud distinction of being one of world?s most ethnically and religiously diverse cities. Each Worldwork seminar is unique, based on its location, the individuals who attend, the global and local social and political climate, and the spirit that moves us when we gather. Worldwork in London will certainly be influenced by the social and political climate of the UK, including its colonial legacy.

The United Kingdom is made up of 4 constituent countries; Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England. In London more than 300 languages are spoken. Additionally about 30% of London?s population is foreign born. London has been sustained by a long history of immigration and some would say has a deep diversity ?dreaming?. To read more about London go to London history &

The seminar is a non profit making event and is sponsored by Global Process Institute and hosted by RSPOPUK in partnership with Annwin Slovakia and Udruga MI, Croatia, and CFOR, UK.
The seminar will be led by an international team of Worldwork facilitators including the founders Arnold and Amy Mindell. We recognize that leadership emerges organically out of group process and believe that everyone is a potential facilitator and can lead or act as an elder in awareness and learning for the rest. The spirit of Worldwork manifests through all parts of the project: teamwork, networking, planning, fundraising, and community forums and events leading up to the seminar. We meet with the intention of practising deep democracy, recognising that Worldwork is as much our attitude and philosophy as a method or single event.

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Worldwork 2008 - Doorways to Diversity

  • Datum: 24.04.2008 - 29.04.2008
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 Peter Ammann  Diplom-Psychologe Prozessarbeiter und Heilpraktiker 42103 Wuppertal

Peter Ammann

Diplom-Psychologe, Prozessarbeiter und Heilpraktiker, 42103 Wuppertal

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