"An interrelated world of cultural differences" - Workshop / Seminare / Workshops

"An interrelated world of cultural differences" - Workshop

Ein workshop mit Guus Klaren im Rahmen des Berliner Gestaltsalon.


Für Gestalttherapeuten,- berater, - coaches, -pädagogen, die ihr Fachwissen im Umgang mit kultureller Verschiedenheit vertiefen möchten.

We life in a world of cultural difference. The Gestalttheory shows appreciation and enables us to bridge these differences. Our theory meets the natural law of give and take. Mutual aid and solidarity prove essential for the evolution of the  humanity.

Our world today shows how difficult it is to give shape to this natural law. The crisis in the ecolocical, socio-political and economic spheres shows a fragmented  world rather than a world in solidarity. How do we deal with isolation and exlusion? How can we create an inclusive society, for ourselves, others and for generations to come?

In the Workshop we explore  the importance of attention to the post-contact phase of awareness in bridging cultural differences. We examine the specific characteristics of this phase in the contact cycle. It provides new perspectives on the process of exclusion and the dialogue as a tool for working on inclusion and social healing. With this workshop we close to the daily practice of the participants and the here-and-now situation in the workshop. Group experiments are intersperesed with Gestalt theoretical reflections. Participants deepen their unterstanding and action skills in the qualities of the post-contact phase of awareness in dealing with cultural differences.

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"An interrelated world of cultural differences" - Workshop

  • Datum: 20.04.2013 - 21.04.2013
  • Zeit / Dauer:Sa. 10:00 - 18:00 und So. 10:00 - 14:00
  • Ort: Praxis für Gestalttherapie
      10437 Berlin
  • Preis:160,00 EUR
  • Anm. bis:30.03.2013

Praxis für Gestalttherapie, Berlin

 Gabriele Blankertz  Praxis für Gestalttherapie 10437 Berlin

Gabriele Blankertz

Gestalttherapeutin, 10437 Berlin

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